The Funkabilly Playboys...

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The Funkabilly Playboys...
By the grace of some mystical intergalactic being, you have reached the web site of The Funkabilly Playboys.  For those who don't have a friggin' clue who we are or what you've gotten yourself into, The Funkabilly Playboys are a South Florida band that formed in late 1998.  Our brand of high-energy party music is enjoyed by fans of all ages (as long as you're at least 21, preferably female with low to no moral standards, and like to drink...a lot).  Somehow, some way, this band of musical misfits have become South Florida's favorite "good time" band.  Our original tunes blend seamlessly with our suped-up oldies and revamped classics.  Each incarnation of our carefully selected covers comes with its own funky edge.  Find out more about the band HERE.

Our musical style ranges from Rockabilly to Blues to Louisiana Swamp Funk to Rock to Classic Soul to Heavy Metal. You haven't lived until you've heard our version of "War Pigs" with an alto sax and a triangle!  And who woulda thunk that a pink vibrator makes an awesome guitar slide...batteries included!

Bottom line:  We are not your average band.  We refuse to play average songs.

Our Reputation Proceeds Us

Yes, the rumors are true:  We're just a bunch of fun-loving party animals!  We've each done our share of Community Service, spent several stints in rehab, and have close personal ties with the majority of law enforcement officials is South Florida.  We play music just for kicks, since most of what we're paid goes towards our bar tab.  We do, however, spend quite a bit on our stage wardrobe, which ranges from shirts & ties to kilts to tuxedos to nightgowns pants.  Sound scary?  Trust's worse than you could ever imagine.

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